Preserving A Healthy Quality Of Life

Green Plains Cattle Co. recognizes the importance of upholding environmentally-conscious practices within our industry. We are committed to engaging in the most sustainable methods of handling our animals and allocating our natural resources. 

Preserving the quality of these natural resources can only be achieved through the implementation of best management practices that provide calculated control of all organic byproducts of our operations.      

As part of our commitment to more sustainable practices, our Supreme Cattle Feeders location uses a water reclamation system that collects all of the water that overflows from their water tanks. This process allows the collected clean, fresh water to be sent back to the cattle for drinking, while reclaiming more than 95 million gallons of water annually.

We abide by all necessary government regulations, but also strive to reinvent current environmental practices to offer our community a chance at a brighter future.